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Looking for a venue for your next meeting or company social? Want to schedule a tour, or get involved with our lab? The Quad is available for reservations.

Contact us at: 12131 Western Ave., Garden Grove, CA 92841

In an industry that’s constantly asking what’s next, THIS IS WHAT’S NEXT…

an interactive showcase of Southland’s four businesses, designed with the evolving needs of our clients, partners, employees and community in mind. With everything from hands-on demonstrations and real-world applications to immersive AR and VR experiences, The Quad enables you to see firsthand how Southland’s full building lifecycle solutions are improving the way facilities are designed, built and maintained. Join us inside and you’ll quickly realize this isn’t just a place — it’s an EXPERIENCE.


Serving as both an innovation hub and an interactive demonstration space, The Lab is where our clients can learn about the latest technology and stay up to speed on the changing world of building integration. It was also developed for them to bring their challenges with technology integration to our staff of Southlanders and Envisers for R&D. In addition to promoting creativity, professional partnerships and research development, it also helps manage quality assurance through product testing, customer engagement and on-site pre-commissioning.



At Southland Industries, we are constantly evolving and thinking creatively to provide inspired, visionary solutions for our clients. To that end, we originally created The Big Room to unite all four of our businesses within an integrated workspace to share cross-disciplinary ideas and perspectives that improve the work we do today and into the future. Today, we also make this collaborative space available to our clients and partners to host their meetings and industry events.

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Southland Industries is at the forefront of prefabrication and modularization, two techniques that are doing nothing short of transforming the construction industry. From increasing safety to dramatically improving speed to market, tour our massive, 160,000-square-foot shop to see how we’re changing way facilities are designed, built and maintained.



Designed to foster both new ideas and new relationships, The Quad and its flexible meeting spaces are also host to numerous industry discussions, workshops and networking events. Be sure to check the calendar for upcoming opportunities.



Before or after you take the real-life tour, be sure to embark on a virtual one. Southland also offers VR- and AR-guided tours to showcase the latest technologies and industry innovations, as well as the company’s fascinating 70-year history.

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Need to take a break or refuel your creativity between a tour and your next station? Our Fun Zone is the perfect place to relax and unwind. You won’t find the latest technology here, however — just all your favorite classic games.

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12131 Western Ave., Garden Grove, CA 92841


Southland Industries
As one of the nation’s largest MEP building systems experts, Southland Industries provides innovative, practical results for your engineering, construction, service, and energy needs. Optimizing each stage of the building lifecycle with our in-house expertise, we connect to your business strategy by delivering holistic solutions.

As a building management systems integrator, Envise unites analytics, building automation, and equipment lifecycle management. Resulting in higher building performance, our integrated, data-driven approach helps improve your facility throughout its lifecycle. Helping to manage both facilities and budgets, our knowledgeable EnvisersTM form long-term, collaborative partnerships to meet your goals and deliver customized building solutions.